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Early Neutral Evaluation

Twin Cities Neutral Evaluation Divorce Lawyer

Even when divorcing spouses have distinctly different wishes in regard to financial issues and children's issues, litigation does not have to be inevitable. Alternative dispute resolution, such as early neutral evaluation and mediation, can be used to arrive at workable settlements that benefit both parties and their children.

At the law offices of Stacy K. Morgan, P.A., in Hastings, we represent men and women in both social early neutral evaluation and financial early neutral evaluation. We work closely with our clients, focusing on finding favorable solutions that account for their unique needs and circumstances.

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Early Neutral Evaluation

In early neutral evaluation, each party will have their attorneys with them along with two neutral parties who are there to assist with pursuing a settlement. Each side has the opportunity to express what he or she believes the issues are and what he or she would consider a fair outcome. After hearing from both sides the trained evaluators will make a recommendation on what they believe would represent a fair settlement that is in the best interests of both sides.

Early neutral evaluation gives both parties a chance to engage in the decision making process and drive the terms of a settlement. These settlements can be converted into a binding settlement document, reducing the time and costs associated with gaining court approval.

As a certified Social and Financial Early Neutral Evaluator, our lawyer is skilled at preparing our clients for early neutral evaluation and helping them present their side in a way that resonates with trained evaluators.

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