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asset / property division through divorce

Property Division

Hastings Property Division Lawyer

Other than issues of parenting time and child support, property and asset issues are the most highly contested issues in a divorce. However, these issues do not have to result in costly litigation if they are approached amicably and handled with the skill and tact of an experienced family law attorney.

At the law offices of Stacy K. Morgan, P.A., we can help you with all of your property division needs. Call 651-209-1999 or 651-437-8933 for a free initial consultation with a Hastings property division attorney.

Cottage Grove Asset Division Attorney

All assets acquired during the course of a marriage, with few exceptions, are subject to equitable division in a divorce. We provide skilled representation to divorcing men and women, resolving issues such as:

  • Division of real property assets
  • Division of retirement accounts and pension plans
  • Division of vehicles, art work and other valuable assets

Assets that were acquired as a gift or brought into the marriage by one party, such as a parental gift of a down payment on a home or an inheritance, may be exempted from property division in a divorce. If either party has a non-marital claim, we can work to resolve the issue in a way that protects your best interest.

Debt Division in Divorce

The recent poor economic conditions have served to highlight the importance of marital debt. Just like martial assets, debts accrued over the course of a marriage and are also subjected to equitable division in a divorce. We have the experience and foresight necessary to handle the division of debt, including complex issues such as homes that are "underwater" and the division of negative equity.

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