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Post Decree Modifications

Hastings Divorce Modification Lawyer

Divorce decrees outline all of the issues that will affect former spouses and their children after a divorce, from child custody to spousal maintenance. The decree is a reflection of the current reality for the parties, but circumstances can change. If you are involved in a post-decree family law dispute or want to pursue modification, it is in your best interest to seek the advice of a lawyer.

At the law office of Stacy K. Morgan, P.A. in Hastings, we can help you with all of your post-decree family law issues. Call 651-209-1999 or 651-437-8933 for a free initial consultation with a Hastings divorce modification attorney.

Cottage Grove Child Support Modification Attorney

Our firm can help you with all post-decree issues, including enforcement actions and modification requests involving family law issues such as child support, custody and visitation, and spousal maintenance.

In order for modification to be granted, there must be a significant material change in the standings of a parent or child. For example, if one parent loses his or her job or receives a large increase in pay, that could be grounds for modifying the child support order or spousal maintenance order. If the needs of a child have changed significantly since the divorce, it may be appropriate to revisit the custody and visitation arrangement.

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